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My chance to wonder about hand made things and tell the world about those I make, love and cherish!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

All my life I have made things. As a child I would proclaim " I have to make!" I have always kept my creations to my self and my long suffering family and friends. This blog is to tell the rest of the world a bit about what things hand made. Most of the things I make and textile based but I love to make things in any medium and frequently see new things and have to try them out.

I always have at least 3 projects on the go. I have one that is detailed and needs a lot of thought, one that just requires plain stitching for when I am too tired to do anything difficult and usually a gift for someone that has a deadline. This blog is to show these projects as they start, grow, change and end. I will try to add pictures and hope also to include projects for other people to do. This blog will also look at other things that people have made. To have an object that is handmade is very significant to me. To see the spirit that people put into their work is special to me. There is something incredible about someone taking a set of raw ingredients and turning it into something special individual that contains an aspect of that persons life an personality.

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