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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Beaded brooches

Inspired by the Julie Arkell brooches I saw at the knit and stitch show I have been makng my own. The first is on the left, an oval with a mosaic of beads hanging from a brooch pin decorated with a bow. This is quite me as it is nice and neat and ordered. Has a bit of a victorian feel about it but pretty. I realised that I needed to be a lot less ordered. The second is made of beads around a fantastic clock button. I bought a big bag of novelty buttons and it was among it. The buttons were worth it just for the fun Alexander and I had in sorting them out! I have been wearing this second brooch and I really like it. Julie Arkels brooches were around old photos and illustarions but I like this clock a lot. I would like to try it around a real watch so I need to find an old watch and take the strap off. Maybe it would look like a funky nurses watch. I don't have a watch as I never like anthing tight round my wrist so maybe this is the answer, but then again I would have no excuse for being late!
More of my pieces inspired by this years Knit and Stitch to come.

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