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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

First day.

I had my first day on my new course. It is with Angie Hughes at Ledbury Artplace. One day a month to work towards an exhibition as part of Herefordshire Art Week next year. We had a general intro to each other and resources, then in the afternoon we did a design exercise. We each had a large piece of paper onto which we used ink and made marks, colour washes and generally made a mess! When the sheet was dry we cut the sheet up into smaller pieces. We cut them up without looking at them! You had to do that bit quickly otherwise you would have peeped. Then when you looked at the pieces you saw them as individual compositions. Some made terrific pieces of art work there and then. Some need to be worked into with a pen. It was a good exercise and I am trying to throw myself into these sort of things as in the past I have never seen the point. I really enjoyed this one and want to try it again as I learnt a lot form it. What excites me even more is the idea of trying it straight onto fabric. Maybe use ink again, bondaweb some fabric on. Maybe sprinkle dye onto wet patches a bit like space dying then when its dry to cut it up and work into it with hand stitching. Sounds good but whether it will actually work?.....

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