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Wednesday, 31 October 2007


so maybe I am taking this love off hand made things a bit too far!
At the weekend we took the children to the Tall Ships festival at Gloucester. It was lovely and far better than we expected with 4 ships that they could go on and lots of things to see. One of the most interesting was to see the boat builders yard and the size of the tree trunks used for masts! Another highlight for me was this purchase. its some handmade rope.
ok, ok I know, what do I need rope for.
Well I haven't decided yet but I am sure that when I decide it will be all the better for being hand made. To me it has such an amazing quality to it that someone has put it together and twisted it. It has spirit! yes, its just a piece of rope but the fact that its handmade, ie not machine, makes me love it.
You can sell anything to me as long as it is handmade!
I also bought some garden twine but that's because I have seen some heart garland made using twine. You see its not all just random purchases.

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