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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Janet Bolton

My issue of Embroidery magazine landed with me yesterday which is such a treat. I really enjoyed the article on Julie Arkell as featured on the front. Alexander has asked

to do some papier mache and I think we might have a go with balloons and make our own creatures. The thing I most enjoyed in the magazine was the article on Janet Bolton. I have seen her work before and this was just a short review of a class she gave. I think the pictures she makes are great. I love the naive feel and the mixture of fabrics. I also really like her approach to hand stitching. Its one of those that made me wnat to have a go staright away! A sort of tension across the shoulders that if I don't start making soon will turn me in to one grumpy bunny. I just never have enough time and I do believe that even if I did have enough time it would still not be enough!

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Ravenhill said...

I got this issue too! I loved it. I am so happy to have found you lovely blog today via Tillymoss.