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Sunday, 14 October 2007


Wow, just started breathing again, I have a letter today from Stitch Magazine asking me to write an article for one of my designs. Its for a goldwork brooch. I will show you pictures when its done.

It is very exciting that someone else thinks my work is good. Its really cool to think that as I am working on my embroidery that someone will be paying me to do it.

This is a really big deal to me as it helps to validate what I do. Lots of people say I should sell the things I make but its the same old story about who would pay for hand produced work. i also have a bit of an issue with actually selling things and would much rather swap yet here I am so excited about being paid for a design, Its a bit of a conundrum.

This picture is not of the actual design but a similar one when I was trying out techniques. So now all I have to do is write and make the samples! easy eh.......

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