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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

A trip to Belguim

Had a week away with the children and went to Sunparks near Brugge. One of those water park type things that the children loved. The baby just loved throwing herself down the waterslide and Seb lost his fear of the water and there was no stopping him.
Found a fantastic lace shop which was all old and handmade lace. So much in the shops is machine made and I have visited the lace centre before but we found this shop by accident and I loved it. I couldn't resist the lace and bought a couple of useful lengths for decorating. Wish I had bought more when i saw the amount of Belgian beer that dh bought! I really love Brugge but never have enough time there. I think its the medieval feel of it all. We always visit with the children so its a bit of a compromise each time we go over what we can do. I am sure I will have a proper visit one day.
Work wise I have been sewing the flower brooch for the magazine and get a real kick over the idea that I am getting paid to sew this! Tried a bit of hand quilting on the stack and slash piece I started.
I have not felt well recently and felt a bit flat creatively but had a sudden burst of ideas today while driving on the motorway. Now too tired to do anything about it! is the shop for the lace.

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