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Friday, 30 November 2007

Stanley thinks he might have pulled!

This is my entry for the Cath Kidston competition for a handmade Stanley. I
had an email about it ages ago and on the eve of the deadline I am sewing his collar on!. I realised that I needed a small handmade gift for a 2 year old boy. It needed to be quick and his mother loves the whole Cath Kidston thing so when the pattern fell off the shelf as I reached for something else, I almost screamed! Perfect. Its nice when it comes like that. It is a very simple pattern and could easily be adapted to lots of different animals.
When I say it fell off my shelf, lots of things fall off my shelf, its such a mess and i don't have time at the moment to sort it out. I always want ordered interesting shelves that tell people about my creativity but I always seemed to end up with something approaching a jumble sale.
Ok, Will someone please tell me why I get random words highlighted? ! I have tried to change it but can't. Lets call it a bit of colour to brighten the day.

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