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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Adventures in mixed media

Right then, one child at school, one at preschool and the other seems quite happy pottering around so.......
stamping, printing, painting, foiling, rubbing, glueing,........
Having great fun just reminding myself of lots of things I know how to do but they lurk at the back of the cupboard, I need to loosen up my work a little and make it less precise.

The the post arrives and I get completely distracted by this..

Alice had told me that I had won her button giveaway, so I had known something would arrive. You just know that buttons are as good as receiving the crown jewels!
Today this lovely little envelope arrived with her amazing stamp on.
I really need some of that sticky tape.

I opened it carefully trying to savour each minute

And finally found this!
Thanks Alice, you know how to make a little thing into such great pleasure.

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