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Monday, 17 March 2008

A box

I love boxes, I really do, I love opening up a box and peeping inside.

Don't ever let me near Pandoras box!

My parents have a lot of silly sayings that are quoted on family occasions. One of them was to say " All this and more will be revealed when the people open Joanna Southcotts box" I think it relates to a religious prophet but I don't know. They say that the phrase was printed in the newspaper classified ads and always made them laugh. Well I don't think my box will hold any great conclusions to life but it will be handy on that shelf for all those bits of lego, playmobil and marbles that I come across when I am cleaning up. They can all go In there until they are suddenly needed again.

You know in that way an 8 year old suddenly needs a helmet for a playmobil viking and won't spend more that 38 seconds looking for it.

I mode this box and my patchworking group. It has a square base and 8 triangles around it. It was easy and quick to do and may well go on my list of quick and easy presents.

I know, we do have some odd books!


Lina said...

He he, I love boxes too but have far too many filled with rubbish. This one is very cute.

Florence said...

That's amazing - I love the shape and love that opening it may be a puzzle.

I feel the same about boxes. My husband's grandfather was a carpenter and we have a box that he made that requires turns to be made in a very specific order before it can be opened - I can never remember quite how it's done, but do always love the feeling of opening it once I've accidently reached the final stage!

monattka said...

Aaah, so now I know! why you liked that felted ball turned into a bowls! Your looks very well made!