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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Another exhibition.

Our other exhibition last week was to the Tutankhamen exhibition in London.

We had decided to just take our eldest as a bit of a birthday treat and to leave the two little ones with my mum. They would have found the day too long and I really wanted to see this exhibition rather than persuade/cajole/bribe small children.

It was well worth the trip.

The quality of the artefact's was amazing. i think that sometimes Egyptian style can be rather cliched. It does not sit easily with modern style and it is an easily recognisable style, This exhibition totally changed my view of it all. Some pieces were so contemporary and all were in such an amazing condition that it left you speechless.

The full face mask is not part of the exhibition as it is too fragile to be moved but you did not feel that you needed any more than was there already.

The piece that moved me the most was a carving showing the sun with rays that were hands. That's how I feel in these early spring days that the sun is reaching down and stroking me.

The quality of the exhibition was sharply in contrast to the tat sold in the gift shop, that is unless you collect tissue boxes and feel that one with the tissues dispensed through Tutankhamen would add to your collection. Oh yes and you had £30 to pay for it!

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