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Thursday, 17 April 2008

All things bright and beautiful..

Just to show my life is not one long whirl of exhibitions here are some things I have been working on this week. Nothing too technical as it is still school holidays but just little projects to keep me sane!
This is a little crocheted basket. I didn't make the basket as I can't crochet. It was an Easter gift from my mum. I added some little paper flowers that I had had on my birthday and threaded some ribbon through the top.

This wallet and zip pouch are from the Amy Karol book that I had for my birthday. I have only recently discovered these types of sewing books with nice easy patterns but aren't too prescriptive. I am not very good at following instructions and like to have some idea but wander off on my own thing.
I had a box of bright plastic beads for my birthday as well and wondered how I would use them. I tend to use glass beads on all my sewing as it seems to look nicer. I decided to use them to make a mobile/windchimes for the garden. The sun will soon fade them a little and these plastic butterflies look lovely on the end of it. They were a charity shop purchase. It just makes a little tinkly sound that will probably drive me mad on a warm summer night with the windows open!
I have been cutting out doll pieces. Occasionally friends will buy a doll from me and recently I have had a few orders so I am making 6 up to be chosen from. Its a lovely simple adapted pattern. I will use the rest for gifts.

That doesn't seem much work for a week but as I was trying to cut out doll pieces this morning I kept getting little visitors that need my attention!

and finally because like Florence with her tissue paper I couldn't resist taking photographs of the mobile so here is another one!

and another one..

ok I will stop now..


Helen said...

Looks like you've been keeping busy! I love the wallet and pouch - lovely fabrics!

Marnie said...

such beautiful pretty spring things! i love those pouches......

p.s. i've been wanting to email you back since you've been leaving such sweet comments over at my place, but i can't seem to find a way to get back to you.....except for this, obviously :-)

two hippos said...

The purses from Amy Karol book are great, I love the way the book gives instructions and suddenly a ziped purse is no longer scary!

Monika L. said...

What a great idea to use the beads and butterfly. It is THE right spring project. And the pics are cute, I love how you can see things from the garden through the buterflies!