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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

A baby shower

well not a shower of babies but a chance to give some gifts!
The nursery is to be red gingham so neutral but very pretty. Actually I haven't done much with gingham before but really enjoyed putting this lot together. The little signs says " Quiet, baby sleeping" as before you have the baby these things are rather sweet a but afterwards always seem rather ironic. My babies generally slept in my arms and woke as soon as they were put down!

Especially the baby shoes


Helen said...

The shoes are so lovely - the yo-yo detail is a great idea. Did you use a pattern for the rabbit? She's very sweet! What a gorgeous gift!

Ravenhill said...

Beautiful baby things! My children were both the same as well, put them down and they woke up. It meant that I got nearly nothing accomplished for thier first few years... Hopefully now I will make up for lost time!
-Emily in Norway

two hippos said...

What a lovely gift and such cute little shoes too.

Monika L. said...

This are such sweet things!!!
Luckily, our girls slept only behind closed doors.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Those are the sweetest little baby things. Almost makes me wish I had a baby to give all of that to.

Bev and Ollie "O" said...

the booties are just gorgeous! Would love to see a picture of the cutie baby wearing them! awwww

Lina said...

So lovely Joanna - I'm a sucker for anything gingham and these little treasures are serioulsy cute! Fab gifts.

Sarah said...

What a lovely set of baby gifts. The red gingham is very sweet, I love the way you've used it on the bunny ears. My daughter was the same with sleeping, very frustrating at the time!