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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

a few new things

A quick catch up on some new favourite things that have arrived in the last couple of weeks.I went to a sale at Sudely castle and met a printer who was making fantastic cushions. They are made by Emma Boyne . I spoke to her on her stall and she was so friendly.I do love chatting to people about the things they make. Much as I loved her cushions what really caught my eye was these print blocks. As ever my photos aren't up to much and it doesn't really show you all the colour and tone in the different types of wood used to make the different blocks. It is a A to Z and I love it. I stroke the wood each day!
This beautiful heart came from a giveaway from Caroline Inkle. Its about 2 inches square but has so much texture to it. Its a bit like doodling with stitch. Very talented. I am going to frame it and find just the right corner for it. Thank you very much Caroline.
Also arrived are a few latecomer birthday present books. Lots of inspiration here.......
...but this is the one I really wanted. I love Janet Boltons work and have a piece of wrapping paper she designed up in my kitchen for inspiration. I love the honesty of the stitching and the choice of domestic subjects.

I almost sleep with it under my pillow and look at it each day having washed my hands first!

Is it possible to have a perfect book?

this one comes close for me! how sad is that!


fiona d said...

what lovely things - the print block is wonderful, and so is Caroline's embroidery. I got the skirt book too - not sure quite how I'll use it - maybe try some of the effects but with more subtle contrasts. Maybe just for inspiration.

Helen said...

What lovely new things! I have that Celine Dupuy book too - it is very lovely. What is the skirts book like?

Monika L. said...

I have that skirt book too and think the same as Fiona, good for inspiration, don't know if I would wear such bold designs and with WHAT from my abandoned wardrobe??? Where did you get the book by J. Bolton? I am a big admirerer of her work too, I would love to have it.

Sarah said...

The wooden print block is gorgeous. You might like the Letterpress prints by Green Chair press? You have some great new books there, I was thinking of buying the Simple Sewing French Twist book to add to my collection.