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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Preparations continue!

Well this post was supposed to be done a few days ago to tell you how busy I was making things for the stall and to give a quick photo of some beautiful sunflowers I found at a roadside "hedge veg " stall but I was so busy that I didn't get round to writing the post.
The stall was today and with great nerves we set up. We had lots of interest and told our tale to many a person. Of particular interest was Jenny who makes things from wood. One chap seemed very impressed that she could handle a chisel without cutting herself(!). We plan to have the stall for the next 6 months leading up to Christmas as sharing it between the 4 of us makes it quite cheap. Well I say cheap but you have to factor in standing next to an amazing cake stall with wonderful looking cheesecakes and another stall opposite cooking bacon sandwiches!
Are you ready to hear how much I sold yet... I sold ( drum roll please)
1 bag!
Well its a start and I sold it for £12 so covered my share of the stall!
If I had sold loads I would only have to sit and make loads more!
Some of the brooches can go to the exhibition in September and there is always next month.
Thats what I tell myself anyway!


Ravenhill said...

Congratulations on your first market! Selling one thing is a great start! You never really know is my experience. Once I only sold things to a friend who felt sorry for me and other times I have sold tons! If you would like hint to bring people to your stall: sell some kind of goodie that you can offer samples of. We did that and people came in droves. It helped many to take a closer look at the wares we really wanted to sell and surely more people bought due to that!
I would be happy to share more if you should like.
Good luck next time too.

Marnie said...

isn't it thrilling, even if it's just one sale? markets are such lovely places, with really interesting people - i wish you many, many customers and soon it will be second nature and you'll be "old hat" at it, as my daughter says, and will be guiding others on their way...

have fun!

and pssst...i can't find your email address anywhere - can you email me it? 'cause you leave such lovely comments and i'm trying to get back to you, but to no avail! please know that your words are appreciated....