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Monday, 21 July 2008

Teachers pet.

As it nears the end of term a last bit of child free crafting. I can't remember where the pattern for this little lavender chicken came from but it makes a good little gift. I have added button feet which give them less an air of chicken and more of a wader bird but as I barely know my chickens from my seagulls I can't tell you which.
They are a little gift for the teacher. Teachers gifts are hard. I used to be a teacher and I had more cheap soap and chocolate than I could need in a lifetime. You don't really expect a gift or a card as it is your job but it is nice to have a little token of appreciation. The cards ranged from touching handmade to to over sentimental Hallmark numbers gushing about you abilities. Generally these came form the snotty child that drove you mad and whose parents had been in ranting on parents evening.
Gifts ranged form the usual plants, candles, soap and Belgian seashell chocolates ( my favourites) to hand painted pottery. Much as you adore your class that year, they move on and names do get forgotten and then you suddenly can't recall the child who lovingly painted a pot for you ( or was bullied into it by their parents!) This makes me sound ungrateful but its not meant to be, over the years you get a lot of gifts and I sometimes think a charity box/Christmas meal donations tin in the office would be better.
I do still treasure a handmade pin cushion with my name spelt wrongly on it so in order to avoid these pitfalls with our teachers we go for a lavender bag. At least its useful!


Helen said...

Those lavender chickens are lovely, and a great idea for a teacher gift. Both my parents are primary teachers and we have seen it all in terms of teacher gifts over the years - from the sublime to the truly ridiculous!

vanessa said...

Very amusing................. I'm sure you've got a lot more wonderful anecdotes up your sleeve, that would be fascinating to hear about...............?
That is an excellent gift, a lavender bag.............. one can never have too many of those, me thinks......... And those chickens are very individual and cute!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Your little chicks are so sweet!
Reading about you taking a stall at the farmer's market got me to wondering if you'd be interested in a "Vintage & Handmade" fair that I am organising together with Michele (from Cowboys & Custard). It's in South Glos maybe not too far from you? Pop over to my blog for more details!

pink-petal-designs said...

LOVE those chicks, i made gifts for the teachers this year.

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

I think the lavender chickens are great idea for a teacher gift. Nice fabrics too.


French Knots said...

I copped out this year with candles I have to confess as my son has 3 teachers in his reception class, but I will keep lavander bags in mind for next year. Your chickens are spot on.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I hear that, my sister, and say AMEN. I appreciate the thought of every gift I receive. I really do. But my favorites are the sincere hand written notes. The only hand made gift that I can remember, was given by a Mom my second year of teaching. She made me an entire meal for my family...all country cooking. It was amazing! I love your little birdies! Some lucky teacher will cherish those.