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Friday, 29 August 2008

A new camera

Our camera broke a few weeks ago. Its quite an old camera in digital terms but now we have a bright shiney new one! I have been playing around with it thinking a bit more about my photography, composition etc. So in no particualr order are.....My new shoes.
I have wanted a pair of dolly shoes for a while and these jumped out at me while buying school uniform.Amazing flowers at a local flower festival.
I love taking picture of flowers as unlike children they don't move or pull silly faces at the wrong moment.
Cat juggling balls on a friends stall. I made one here.

How can you resist all there loevly apples.
I love all the produce and the colours.Tomamtoes from Dads garden.
A few days away at Lyme Regis for the last days of the school holidays.
A cliff top walk at West Bay.


Lina said...

Oh lovely shoes! I had a similar pair for ages but just had to retire them.

Monika L. said...

I have ALWAYS wanted a red pair of shoes, at last I have one and yours are gorgeous!

Beata said...

Inspiring shots -- those cat juggling balls are very adorable!!