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Saturday, 30 August 2008

name tags

Just sitting down to an evening of name tags and labelling clothes, shoes etc. This year for the first time its for 2 children so quite a lot to do. They don't have a fancy uniform just the usual polo shirts and school sweat shirts. Actually I love labelling them all. As I sew in the name label its like I am sewing in some love. Sewing is what I do and so as I stitch it is like putting a protective little hug there that will keep them safe until they are back with me. I am very protective about my name tapes and take them out of clothes going to charity shops and re-use them! I love Cashs name tapes and have them made with different phrases for different jobs but always red writing on white. This is my tin with them all in, its just next to the glass of wine!
A couple of people have tried to download my kite tutorial and can't find it. J, technical advisor and husband is working on it so hope to have it sorted soon.


Sal said...

Hi there..thanks for visiting my blog!
I'll take a read of yours now ;-)
Are you at the V&H Fair?

two hippos said...

I find a glass of wine always helps when sewing in all the new name tapes. I also re-use tapes and my daughter uses them now as lables when she makes things(for that designer look!).

Helen said...

I love sewing name labels in, though I suppose it is only my second year of doing so, and my enthusiasm may well wane once I have a double helping of school uniforms! I love Ruth's idea of re-using the labels for children's sewing projects!