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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

First day of school.

I am glad that school shoes, water bottles and book bags are so exciting. I want him to go and enjoy it and see it all as an adventure. Its good for him to be stretched and make new friends but its even better when he runs up to me excitedly telling me about his day!


Ravenhill said...

What a sweet little post about your little one starting with the first day of school! What excitement and anticipation. I also love mine to be at home!

julia said...

How I agree, it's so nice that they're happy to go and even nicer when they come back - until they're fighting again!
Julia xx

Helen said...

What a cute pic of the little school shoes! It seems there are a lot of us bloggers in the UK with children starting school at the moment. Hoping my two will be as excited about their new starts!