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Thursday, 16 October 2008

A title?!!

What is it with titles?
I come to write a post and the first thing I am faced with is the TITLE.
Shall I go for something witty, an imaginative pun that will have you rolling in the aisles, or shall it be a thoughtful title that succinctly expresses what the post will be about?
No it wont be either as my mind goes completey blank and all I can think of is "its been another busy week" and lets face it when isn't it a busy week? I think I may just start using random titles that are nothing about the post! Anyway what was the point of this post......
ahhh yes. The Farmers market.
I have mentioned before that I share a stall with some friends at a local farmers market and so this week I have been getting some more things ready for it. Here is a tooth fairy doll/pocket. I think most people will have seen this one and I used it as a starting point to produce little fairy dolls. I need to work on a design for a "boys" pocket now. I am thinking Robot.. what do you think?
Also made up some suffolk puff lavender bags which hang nicely on the coat hanger but I can't remember where this idea came from. I have also mad up some more "arty" stuff using text but the light was fading fast and children were demanding tea so they didn't get photographed!

I think maybe my title should say Thank you. I have had a wonderful number of comments on the project for the book. I have never had so many comments and I have really appreciated you taking the time to leave one. Thank you. You are all invited to share the bottle of wine in celebration of it all when it is all done!

This last photo it of an Advent calender that I have made for the nursery. It is one of the last things on my LIST. I only need to make 2 more cuddlies for the boys which will be for Christmas and then I can sign that list off completely.


Off to write the next list!


jackie said...

Congratulations on the article,it sounds v. exciting. The problem with courses is when you don't have the equipment to progress -I've no room for a printing press but I will keep going with the artists books. The stall sounds fun too. I'm going to do some Xmas fairs this year.

Helen said...

The advent calendar is so pretty. I intend every year to make one for my two, but so far haven't quite managed it!

moss stitch said...

Ha ha - I am faced with the same problem but I usually decide to start writing in the hope a witty title will emerge as my story unfolds! Then I forget and quite often have to edit to put one in!
Am also trying to get off the 'busy week' opening!!
Love the suffolk puff lavender bags - great idea!
I think robots sounds great also dinos and pirates? Or maybe a treasure chest?

julia said...

I was at that Dave Gorman show too - maybe we were next to each other and didn't even know it - spooky eh! Did you enjoy it, we did.
Love the tooth fairy dolls, what a fab idea.
Julia xx

Suzie Sews said...

oh very exciting