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Thursday, 13 November 2008

The all new needlecasepincushionbag.....

As with lots of others I am busy making things for fairs and sales etc. I am at a local farmers market this weekend and at the Vintage and Handmade Fair next weekend. I have been making lots of things and I will try to show them to you when they are finished as the are all in that state of needing to sit down and trim loose ends/add buttons etc.
This is a little bag which opens out to be a little pin cushion, needle case and a pocket for whatever takes your fancy. It is based on one from Kokoro no Te

P.S. Aren't turnips pretty?

PPS Thanks for the comments about the Pirate cushions. If you are interested in one then just email me. I can't reply to comments because of the blogger no reply thing.

1 comment:

Lina said...

Ohh I love the pin cushion needle case. What a fab idea!