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Friday, 7 November 2008

Do you remember Swap Shop?

There is something new on my inspiration wall. I don't have a very big inspiration wall, its the bit between the utility room and the notice board ( you know what I mean by a notice board, its really important things like library opening times, pampered chef party invites, I know I bet that makes you envious of my social life, Boots vouchers and 50p off muesli!)
Can you spot what its is? Its a hand painted gift tag, just above and left of the light switch.
This may seem such an odd thing but I pass this bit of wall a lot in my day and each time I see this tag I feel a warm glow. It came attached to the most beautiful little painting that is now mine. I couldn't possibly put the painting on my wall as it is in the kitchen and needs a frame etc so its safely tucked away until that happens. In the meantime I can admire the tag and know that the picture is safe. How simple and idea to hand paint a gift tag but from now on all my tags will be hand painted!

The painting is a jar of spring flowers and was painted by Vanessa . She is a very talented painter and illustrator. Go and have a look. They are amazing and like me when I first read her blog you may realize you have one of her books. After I had made the pirates she asked if she could have 2. I tentatively asked if I could swap for a tiny scribble or sketch of hers but she offered me a painting, and so a swap was made. I feel that i have defiantly made the best side of the bargain!

Here are the pirates ready to set sail.

I am not the only one to benefit from Vanessa's generosity. Another painting went this way.I hope to do some more swaps soon as its so nice to receive a parcel with no credit card slip in!

PS Despite a very tired 4 year old, a sick 2 year old and bonfire night I managed to finish and send off my project for the One Yard wonders books so fingers crossed that they like it and will publish it.


Andy said...

just found your lovely blog via another, via another (oh the bliss of a lazy saturday with the children out!) I LOVE your pirates, do you have any for sale? I really hope so grace xx

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

I like your inspiration wall, I think I might get one as well.

The pirates are so cute.


Anonymous said...

Adorable little pirates!

vanessa said...

Lovely post Joanna.................... thankyou so much................... And I love the tag on the inspiration wall...................

Beata said...

Those pirates are so adorable!!