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Friday, 5 December 2008

A little lost puppy.

I have a friend who "saves" old curtains and fabric from charity shops. She sees them as little lost puppies that look up at her with big brown eyes and if she doesn't buy them and take them home then someone evil will come a long and "hurt" them buy using them in completely the wrong way! I smile at her knowing that she has a bigger house then me and that her generosity is such that I could always have a piece if I needed to.

Well the other day I found a "lost puppy".

The pictures are a little small but if you click on them I think they get bigger. It is a original piece of textile art by an artist called Margaret Swales. It small, only being a couple of inches square and is of a corner of a field with the field stretching off into the distance. The background is made of a folded piece of material but it gives a great sense of 3dness to it. It is machine stitched and when you consider how small it is, it is amazing to see such control over the machine.

I knew as soon as I saw it that it would come home with me!

An original piece of art by an artist I have heard of for £3! It now sits on my windowsill to inspire me when I am washing up.

It's the view I wish I had from my kitchen window rather than the none I have.

Which is a small, scruffy garden where the grass is a bit straggly and the plants should of had an autumn trim, and I still haven't put away all the children's toys!

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carolyn said...

What a wonderful buy.

Gingerbread said...

What a find for £3, really nice.Julie.C

bexsbuttons said...

oh my gosh! i'm the same as our friend! If i see fabric in a charity shop i have to buy it....even if i have nothing planned for it!!! Your piece looks lovely it sits well on your window sill!

jackie said...

What a lucky find. I think you are right about trying to sell handmade items; its OK for a bit of fun but to make any money you have to be v. dedicated to business rather than craft. My photo is of a drawing on waxed paper I made on my Access course.

Jane said...

My future mum in law is like this with soft toys.....ANY soft toys.
Charity shops are a mine field, we pass them very quickly!
Lovely find, lucky you.

fiona d said...

what a lovely treasure to find! thanks for the ukhandmade links as well

bigbucketgirl said...

Ah! i'm another rescuer of 'lost textiles'. Only yesterday i bought a half finished tapestry. it just looked desperate.

Lovely picture of should look out for more !

monica said...

what an amazing find!!

don't you just love charity shops?