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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Purchases from the Vintage and Handmade fair.

I have been trying to write this post all week but have been thwarted by sick children. Getting better now but still rather grumpy!
I wanted to use this post to think through how I felt after the Vintage and Handmade fair. The piccies are of the things I bought/swapped whilst there.
I have always made things, even from a child it was my comfort to stick/glue and make things. I tended to hide how much I enjoyed it all as I thought it was a childish thing to do so career decisions took me away from creativity to something sensible. Not a bad choice but a different path. The last few years I have come to realise that there are many people out there who love to make things in just the same way. It been great to meet them and feel stronger about the things I make.

A pin cushion from Sea Angels
As seems to be common when other people start to see that you can make things they suggest that you sell them. It becomes an idea and slowly confidence begins to grow. I enjoy designing my own things and adapting dolls and bags etc and so I started to wonder if people would buy things. I have made rag dolls and have sold a few to friends. Then I joined with some friends to have a farmers market stall, then came the chance to join the group with the Vintage and Handmade fair.

A Christmas decoration from Jayne and the Happy Crow

I was eager to try it as it was in a supportive environment and something I had never tried before. Before the fair I felt extremely nervous about putting my designs on show. Michelle and Jayne were very encouraging as were many of you with wonderful comments (and if you want to try out selling things like I did then I really recommend them as the organised it wonderfully and it really was very busy with people who wanted to buy handmade things). The fair went very well and I looked carefully at others work. I felt that my designs held up well to other peoples. This has increased my confidence greatly. I was slightly disappointed with my stall on the day that I had not taken more of my stuff and felt it looked lacking in comparison to some other people who do this as a business. It did not seem to have a cohesive designed look. But I feel that its ok for it to be lacking as I have a busy life and do not put the time in that is needed to really bring it off. I sold enough things at the fair to know that my designs were good.

A felted brooch from Lavender House
However I had most interest in the art work that I took along, the embroidered panels and love tokens. These were something I took as talking points and didn't expect anything to come of it. I was so pleased when someone commissioned me to make a piece for them about friendship. From the day I was able to take away the knowledge that my designs are strong and that has been so good for my confidence. I should really value my work for myself and not for other peoples opinions but that's such a hard things to do. Maybe I can do that more now that I have more confidence in it.
My secret Santa prize!
I made the decision however that selling things just wasn't me. I don't rule it out in the future but I saw that other traders with more experience, time and better products did a similar trade to me and so it seems a crowded market place and one that is probably too competitive for me, being such a tender little soul! I think I want to just work on developing my designs and making lots of cool things for my kids.
A fairy wand from Hesta
I have so many ideas and not enough time ( I know, we all are like that) and I want to see an idea on the internet and be ale to go and try it out rather than have a long list of things to do first. This seems like a lot of soul searching based on what is essentially one fair but it feels good to have made that decisions and have an answer for the people who say "you could sell these"

This had been a long post and one that is a bit self indulgent so thanks if you got this far and never mind if you didn't. It was just something I needed to say.
Also from Hesta was this lovely little peg doll kit. Of which I give you 2 pictures to see the lovely illustration.


Mrs Be said...

I'd love to go to something like this, you bought some wonderful things!

It sounds like you got a lot out of the fair but I can understand how selling like that wouldn't suit everyone. Why not try etsy, less competitive etc. I don't think you should give up selling your stuff (says she with a complete lack of crafty talent) but I don't think you should deprive the world of the lovely things you create!

bexsbuttons said...

Hi jo,
i'm glad that the sale helped you figure things out and gave you confidence in the things you make. Its good for me to hear that someone feels the same about worrying about the strength of their designs!
p.s. you brought some lovely things!!

Carol said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It is amazing that you have managed to put into words exactly how I feel about selling.
I really enjoyed the challenge of the Fair though.
I simply love to make, but like you, mostly for my pleasure and to be able to give something that I treasure and have spent time making for someone who is special to me. I may put the odd ‘masterpiece’ lol...on my other blog, which I started for selling purposes but have never actually put anything on it yet!
Have a lovely cosy weekend.
Carol x

thriftymrs said...

Oh so many beautiful things.

Gingerbread said...

Hello, You make some lovely things and I think your confidence will grow and grow, perhaps while you are so busy now with your children and everything in your life just sell on a small scale. My aim is to sell some things one day but I don't feel ready yet so at the moment I make for my family and friends, and value their comments as I go along. Julie.C

vanessa said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! Lovely things you bought............. you lucky thing! : )

Pam said...

Like you, we've done our first fair this weekend. What an experience. I think it's right to assess something like this - only make sure that you also re-assess in a week or so, too. It may be that selling at fairs is definitely not for you, but as one of your other commenters pointed out, there are other ways to do so.
The things you make are lovely, and complex - maybe that makes them more gallery material, where people are often interested in the author/artist, too.
P x

Country Cottage Chic said...

I'm so glad you did come & that it reinforced the fact that you have talent & your own style.
I'm also happy that you felt it was a supportive environment as that is what we wanted so that everyone felt comfortable being there & I think it worked as so many people commented on the friendly, happy atmosphere.

I wish you luck in whatever you do & hope to see you as a visitor next time!