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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

More time wasting.

Yes I know , 2 photos of the same thing but I can't work out how to delete them!

I have been enjoying making these little love tokens.
I can't really think what else to call them. Its been nice in the evening to settle down with whatever junk is on the TV and do some hand sewing. I was thinking more about the letters between Abelard and Eloise and used more scraps of fabric to make tiny little hearts and cushions. I have added bead and some stitching.
A bit like pin cushions.
A bit like those beautiful little things that the Victorians would make to give to their love.
I have always be fascinated by treasure and the ideas around what we treasure. How very ordinary things can hold amazing feelings and memories.

Not quite sure what I will do with them now!


Snippety Gibbet said...

Those are the most precious little things.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Thanks so much for the kind words on my blog about the US election. I am so happy (and relieved) to hear that the rest of the world is rejoicing with us. It's 9 hours later and I am still practically on the verge of tears. So very happy today....jan

Kitschen Pink said...

Give them to a loved one! perfect. Lovely blog. thanks for stopping in to visit so I could find you! t.x

jackie said...

A nice way to spend your time!

Carol said...

They are so lovley, what a great gift to give someone you care about.
Like you I usually sit with the junk on the TV and do some crocheting or sewing...there is just not enough time in the day is there?
Carol xx

Anonymous said...

what lovely tiny keepsakes

Jane said...

I can't see these as time wasted at all, they're lovely!

Greedy Nan said...

The fact that you have them and you have made them is enough to make them treasure.