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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Is it christmas yet?

A crafty friend and I swap a handmade Christmas decoration each year. She gave me a beautiful bird last year which has stayed all year on my dressing table and looking at this years I think this one will as well. Its a piece of printed cloth that she has added lovely beaded detailing to.

I had a go at making her a Venetian mask. She loves all things venetian so this is my twist on a mask. It was meant to be small but came up full size so if there are any venetian masked balls in the Cotswold's over Christmas then she will be all ready!

Also met up with the lovely and talented Bex for coffee and to swap a tooth fairy pillow for one of her purses. I love the quirky way she puts colours and design together.

All these gifts, you might think it was Christmas!


Monika L. said...

The decoration looks perfect!
I have few christmas tree decorations which I was given from different people and love them to bits, (will blog about it soon...)
Happy Holidays!

Shabby Chick said...

Yum, pretty swaps! That purse is adorable :)

Mel x

Lace hearts said...

What a lovely blog - I love your posts about all your makes. Whiled away a very happy 20 minutes here. Stay confident - you're good at what you make! x

Beata said...

All so pretty!

Anonymous said...

What lovely decorations, only a few days left now!

bexsbuttons said...

WOW! look at those decorations!they are beautiful. The fairy happily settled on a jar of buttons!
Coffee was lovely...have a great christmas!!