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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Ooh I just had an idea!

I try to be "green" and I recycle what I can and try to buy things made and produced locally but having 3 kids we seem to get through so much wrapping paper, particularly at this time of year! I was about to wrap up J's ( my other half) presents when I wondered whether to use the gift bags that people give me to reduce packaging, after all he is probably old enough that he doesn't need the excitement of throwing paper around! Then I wondered if I could make fabric gift bags. I have so much material in my stash that just sits there so if I made simple gift bags and tied them up with ribbons, I would still have the fabric and save on wrapping paper!. They are very simple bags, I didn't even hem the top I just went along with pinking shears. The synthetic velvet has work very well as it is stretchy. I still have the fabric and just need to snip down the hems if I want it.
Ooh I do feel god and noble now!


bekimarie said...

What a lovely idea!
I try to recycle anything that can be and you're right, this time of year we all go through far too much wrapping paper.
These bags can be used tim and time again.
Take care
Beki xxx

Kelly said...

Great idea, wouldnt it be even greater if everyone who gave presents did the same! just think of the fabric stash that would build up!

moss stitch said...

Fab idea!
Especially for those odd shaped presents that always look hidious no matter how much care you take!
I shall be stealling this idea if you don't mind!!?

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea. I went for tissue paper this year but have used felt too to make simple book pouches.

Gingerbread said...

What a wonderful idea you are a clever one, they look really good.Julie.C

Snippety Gibbet said...

That looks gorgeous too. Nice job.

monica said...

I have been saving the big pictures/drawings the boys seem to produce in such abundance!! They work well and are very bright too.