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Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Not sure how this will go down here but here goes. Its a bit of a waffle and not at all about sewing.

I had short sharp dose of the January blues over the weekend. Its hard to describe but I generally get some each year. I spent most of Sunday hardly daring to talk as it would just come out as yelling or tears. I don't know what caused it and thankfully it only lasted one day.
It sort of started on Friday which is generally my social day. I have some friends who work but have same age children and now that the children are at school I love the fact that they still want me to come round with my little one and catch up. I get to glimpse the world of work and I think they get a link back into full time motherhood. It works out well on both sides. First stop was to a friend who often travels lots with work so she was discussing her next trip. In the afternoon it was to a friend who while working sings as part of a duo with her partner. Both are fantastic women and I admire them greatly and what they do. I was then greeted with an email form an old friend who wanted to know what I had been doing over the last 3 years. That doesn't seem much to set off the January blues but as I replied to that email I found I had little to say. I have 3 kids now but then I got stuck. Suddenly there seemed few achievements and so did I mention I now have 3 kids? With the January blues it suddenly seemed like I had done nothing over the last 8 years! Of course now the blues passing I see that I have achieved lots, mostly being that I have 3 healthy happy kids and that I chose not to work and to be at home with them but I spent the whole weekend trying to work out how I could say that I now have 3 kids in a long and interesting way.
I have the sort of personality that goes up and down and the "up" defiantly make the "downs" o.k. ts taken me a long tie to know that being like that is ok. This week is going better as I feel the relief that the blues did not last long. But then i hurt my back, and then the car broke down while on the school run.......but will I be defeated?....... well not yet anyway!


bekimarie said...

You have achieved the most wonderful thing ever.... 3 wonderful kids.
I sometimes wish for more, not sure what but then I realise I wouldn't change my life for anything.
Being a Mummy is the hardest job of all and most definately a full time one.
cheer up and don't let those January blues get you down.
Take care
Big hugs
Beki xxx

Pam said...

Well, how do you quantify such things in tangible terms? How much easier it is when you can tell of promotions and travel. Easier, but that certainly doesn't mean better.
P x

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Joanna

Bless you, I know just how you feel. Since I left full time work nearly 4 years ago to have my first daughter I feel like I've done nothing too. I have depression anyway so life is very up and down and in my worst moments it feels like I'm treading water while the rest of the world is swimming the channel!

You ARE doing an important job, you will know your children so well and it will be you they want when they're ill or hurt. Out of a lifetime the time we spend raising our children is not all that long but I hope that looking back we will always be glad we made that decision. And please don't think I am a perfect earth mother, couldn't be further than the truth and some of my posts are evidence of that!!!!!

Hugs, Mel xxx

vanessa said...

I just wanted to add my comment so that you have one more person trying to cheer you up, and say, take care, you're not alone.......................

bex said...

dont worry! youve done lots and lots!dont be defeated! (stupid car)

Anonymous said...

Being a mummy to 3 children is the hardest job ever, I only have 1 child and don't know how you do it. We also somehow can lose our identity too, go from being ourselves to daring childs mummy, I found that the hardest. Remember January is just so cold and grey, but I have seen some early blossom so spring is on its way!

Gingerbread said...

Joanna I feel for you its obviously a bad moment now for you I can see that when I read your post, these blogs are a good way of reaching out don't you think. And you will soon see you are not on your own,your very talented you have a gift for making things and putting a smile on peoples faces. You need some me time, I agree with bekimarie, don't let the grey days of January get you down. Roll on the lighter nights. best wishes Julie.C

Rose&Bird said...

Hi Joanna

Please let me echo the words of the other ladies - you're raising 3 children, which is a big achievement in it's self. You may not go out to work, or get paid for it - but I'm sure it's far more rewarding than than lots of meetings and business trips. January is a tough month and we all get down to a greater or lesser degree. You come across as a very positive person, so don't worry - we all get off days!. PS, I've given you a blog award - please swing by to pick it up x

Helen said...

I'm sorry you're feeling blue. You're certainly not alone in feeling like this from time to time though - I think we all get pangs like that and don't those years disappear in the blink of an eye! Just keep reminding yourself that raising 3 wonderful children is the best achievement ever. Take care xx

Ravenhill said...

I certainly know the feelings you describe. I have my trusty sunlight lamp to help me through the winter. A half hour a day up close to it enjoying the brightness does wonders for me... Glad that you can feel it is ok to be down sometimes. I sure have my down days... Lovely that you can keep it in perspective and know that it will pass and that you mostly feel good! Thanks for sharing your feelings. Take good care!
~hugs from Emily

Lina said...

Sorry you're feeling blue. I took 5 years off to be at home with my children and went back to work only recently part time (while the children are in school) partly because I began to struggle about having an identity other than that of being a mummy. I do love my job but there's no question where my priorities are. Children absolutely come first and it although a cliche, it is the most important job in the world! Hang in there, hope you see some light at the end of the tunnel soon!

Lina x

BusyLizzie said...

Hiya Joanna. an overdue thank you for my Secret santa gift that I got from you at the Vintage & Handmade fair back in November....Be happy, its almost February! Thank goodness.. take care, lotsa love, Lizzie x (the washerwoman)

moss stitch said...

You are so not alone!
What you are doing is the greatest job in the world! I am trying to get it back as working and juggling childcare is NO way what I want to carry on doing.
I envy you!
You not only bring up 3 children, you are a homemaker and you make lots of beautiful things.
You have achieved so much!!
Hey it January, damn cold and getting colder by the looks of things! We are all feeling the blues - honest!

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hiya! Bringing up 3 children is the biggest achievement in my view. Nothing can compare to that, so don't feel down.

I know what you mean about January Blues though, I shouted at my poor husband the other day. Bills, Tax Returns, cold weather, lack of all builds up. But, I'm glad you are feeling positive now. I went to a knitting group to cheer myself up. Hee! Hee!

Take care,


Moogsmum said...

I know just what you mean. I loved being at home with my two but felt that somehow what I was doing wasn't seen as exciting or as important as 'real work'!
Bringing up your children to be happy and healthy is by far the most important job you'll ever do.

I hope the January blues clear off and that you feel much better now that February is here.

Yesterday I noticed the daffodil bulbs coming through in the garden and the camelia is in bud - spring is on it's way!

Take care.

Lesley xxx

Hens Teeth said...

I call them a 'black dog day'. They are awful days. Why I have them I don't know, maybe hormones?!
I suppose that is what life is about good days and bad days.

Transferring images...there are a million and one ways. Cloth paper Scissors is a good source or any collaging book will give all sorts of techniques (but you probably knew that anyway)!

red2white said...

Joanna, I love how honest you are in your posts, I really admire it! Thank you for sharing! oxo Monika

monica said...

the same thing happened to me recently... a long lost friend contacted me and I had a really struggle trying to find interesting things to say. I value my life, I wouldn't change a thing, but I wanted her to understand that too and not just think 'geesh what happened to you'...

you're fine, you're great. But you know that, right?