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Sunday, 1 February 2009


At last , made it through January. I spend the days hunched up waiting for it to end.

Your lovely kind replies to my last post helped me speed through the last few days. I threw myself into a new little project which I will show you next week but in the meantime, a bit of eye candy!
These are photos from a trip to the local parish church to see the textiles, I went with one of my sewing groups. Some date back to medieval and others quite modern but all beautiful.
16th century embroidery mounted onto relatively modern cloth.
Medieval motif mounted onto modern cloth.
I love this one, sort of Arts and Crafts in its colours and design.
PS I have been tagged and awarded lots in the last couple of weeks as well. Thanks, will get onto it soon.


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful embroidery.

bex said...

wow, they are all really spectacular. we went to the art galery in cheltenham yesterday to look at the print works they had on was great!!!
i know what you mean...very happy for feb to be here

Snippety Gibbet said...

Wow! Those are breathtaking. I am always in awe of medieval art anyway.