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Monday, 12 January 2009

Shhh don't tell anyone....

But I gave in to email marketing.
No I did not want to increase the size of anything
I couldn't resist an email from Clothkits. It was just before Christmas and they had reduced the cost on some stuff. I ordered a pinafore for age 1-2 as I is quite small for her age. It arrived in a beautiful package all tied up. Its a very simple pattern that I could have worked out for myself but I do love the printing of the bird. I don't have much confidence in dressmaking but want to try to make some clothes for I before she gets too big and doesn't want them!
After Christmas when I could find a space on the kitchen table in between the chocolates and odd bits of Christmas card that S has cut up I decide to give it a go. I read through the instructions but still ended up taking a seam apart 3 times! It was more me than the instructions as it is such a simple shape.
It was probably too much Christmas spirit.
I usually disagree with instructions and do it my own way anyway. It has an extra button on the back to gather it a little but it meant that some of the printing would get hidden so I changed that.

It was quick and simple to make but I did think it a little expensive for such a simple shape. I would defiantly recommend it as a first introduction to dress making.

If you want to know more about Clothkits then I saw that Sew Hip had a review in when I flicked through it for the review of the Vintage fair but I didn't buy the magazine as I have far too many books and magazines with things in that I want to do anyway! I would have read it but one of the assistants was watching me!

I did dressmaking in my teenage years but generally I could not get it to fit right. The last thing I made for me was my wedding dress and it very nearly put me off for life!


Snippety Gibbet said...

How darling! I can't follow directions to save my life. To me, they are mere suggestions. You did a great job.

Hollypop's said...

You made your wedding dress, I'd say that's pretty impressive. I tend to steer away from dressmaking too. I did make a fleece for myself last winter though because I couldn't find one in the shape I wanted. Just floppy with big buttons, I cut it out based on a cardi I had and then would stitch a bit, try it on, stitch a bit more.
It turned out ok. I think it's lovely when you see little ones in handmade clothes and I'm sure your little one looks very sweet in her new dress.
Take care... Nickyx

bexsbuttons said...

i had a look on the cloth kits looked good...i keep meaning to go back and see if they just sell their fabric. the dress looks lovely!!
How good is the book! i think i might make the doll for arthurs younger sister!

Shabby Chick said...

Wow well done! That looks great. Can't believe Clothkits is still around, my Mum used to make matching clothes for her and me from their patterns way back in the 80's!

Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

Your comment on vv rouleaux made me laugh! The review in Sew Hip was great, you must be really pleased and advertising the next fair too. I havent tried any Clothkits as of yet, my mother used to make them for my brother and me many moons ago.

Anonymous said...

not too sure if the last comment went through, but the clothkits dress is very cute. I remember wearing clothkits in the 70's!

Pam said...

Love clothkits, but love that green ribbon, too.

P x

bexsbuttons said...

hello!! thanks for the link..but im not sure i recieved it right. i got your email but couldn't see a link anywhere. a bit rubbish with computers so it might have been there!!

monica said...

how sweet!!

I did a clothkit skirt for myself last year. Loved it!

Julie said...

You have done really well better than I could have done. best wishes Julie.C

Country Cottage Chic said...

How sweet! I used to make quite a lot of clothes for my children when they were little & cute!

bexsbuttons said...

hi jo,
i gave you an award...pop over and see.
hope your ok

Sew Recycled said...

The design on the dress is by Jane Foster - check her website and blog, very talented lady. (I would say that seeing as I know her well! But really, she is very clever)

Hope you enjoy it.