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Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I have been tagged by a couple of people this week but will try to deal with this one first as I have had most time to think about it. Monica from Red to White tagged me with 5 things I love everyday. I love her felted scarves which look like gossamer. She chose to work through the senses but mine is just a list and to be honest if you asked me next week it would be a different list. I am rather fickle!
So this weeks list of things I love is...
1. My latest flea market find. This fantastic board game called The Princes Quest that I have taken pictures to show you. It has the most wonderful illustrations. It is Victorian and I plan to frame it.
2.The way that orange juice wakes me up in the morning
3. That I am a creative person.
4. Sitting down in an evening and pulling out some sewing to do or doodling in my books. usually while watching some junk on telly.
5. That I am a Mummy!
Now I need to tag 5 others.
I haven't forgotten about the giveaway but have not finished the angel yet I will try to do her tonight and pick a winner.


Pam said...

Why is it that the moment someone asks me a question like this my mind goes blank? Will have to think over the next few days. Mmmm.

Love those Victorian illustrations - a real find.

P x

jackie said...

The board game looks a great find. Thanks for your comments.