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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

and the awrd goes to....

One of those catch up posts.
Lots of lovely people have tagged me recently so I really ought to catch up on them.
Ok then .. are we ready? I will try to keep the acceptance speech short!

This one comes from here ( thank you very much) and I have to pass it to 8 people.
Moss stitch

This is going to take ages!
Right next award came from Helen. Thanks again!.

I have to tell you 5 things I am addicted to and pass it onto 5 people. More cut and paste.



Notes from my days

5 things I am addicted to/love

Ok my mind has gone blank now....

1. If I see someone making something I cant resist being nosey and seeing how they make it or what they are doing.

2. I go to belly dancing classes and just love it.

3. Fresh bread. My mum used to make all our bread so I love the smell of it and always pinch the last fresh roll when I have made bread ( in the bread machine! She made it properly, I let the bread machine do all the hard work and then throw it in the oven.)

4. looking at the children's bedrooms as we have nearly finished sorting them out and they look neat and tidy. A little secret smile to myself that it looks so lovely.

5. As soon as the post arrives I have to see who it is for. I can't leave it on the mat. I will stop whatever job I am doing to go and get it. It just might be exciting one day!.

You think this long then you should be the one typing it!
Finally award is the same award and comes from 2 different people so I am combining it before I loose the will to live!

It came from Bex and Julie
I have to give this to 10 ! people. Yes 10 people! you're joking aren't you. What did I do to upset you? This is going to take weeks!
Niminy Fingers
Rose and bird
Sals snippets
Snippety Gibbet
Heart in the country.

That's it. I refuse to go on. I have just about lost the will to live and I am sure you have too. It is lovely to be asked to join in one of these but I am so useless at passing them on. I have this niggling feeling that someone else passed on an award to me that I have completely forgotten about, so i am sorry if you are out there waiting for me to respond. I will try to tell you all that I have passed it onto you but forgive me if I don't make it!
Tomorrow I will tackle an easy post... how about the whole DNA structure in cross stitch!


Anonymous said...

Oh fab award, Thank you! I really can not spell oh for a spell check that understands me!! Hopr you have a great week.

bex said...

phew.... lots of awards. thankyou for my one!! im really nervous now that that the stuff the lady from folksy ordered from me aren't what she thought they would be. i do this whenever i do sales to, i have to worry about something!!!

Gingerbread said...

Hi Joanna, Are you still with us now after all that typing, you can go and have a cup of tea now while you get ready for the next post. Have a great week best wishes Julie

Ravenhill said...

Congratulations on all those awards flying at you! Thank you so much too for giving one to me! You are so kind.
hugs from Emily

Sal said...

Hi there...thank you for mine!!
Have fun!! ;-)

red2white said...

:-D! Well done, you made me laugh! Hope you are recovered by now :)
Thank you for the award, that passing part is the most difficult one, plus people don't want to play anymore.

Lina said...

A very belated thank you Joanna. I'm woefully behind on my blog reading so apologies for not getting to this sooner. Thank you!