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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Buttons for Bex

Bex asked for some pictures of buttons. As with many crafters I also have a passion for buttons and this is how I keep them. This is my every day box of buttons.
Tentatively sorted by colour. I love this button box and i enjoy sorting new buttons to put in it.

This is my white button pot and I have to refill often as I seem to get through a lot of white buttons.
I have bee lucky to be given a few button boxes and this one is still waiting to be sorted. They do always seem to be in Quality Street tins! Why is that?! I love sorting button tins as the have all sorts of random items in. Truly treasure. I have fond memories of searching through mums button box.
This is one of my special buttons. This are real little treasures that I keep. A lovely enameled button , tiny glass buttons and just ones I love. I doubt if they will ever be used on anything!
P.S. Have you seen this? Is for a promotion poster for a film that looks quite good. Read the desciptions of the buttons.
PPS Love these buttons aswell.
PPPS Snowflakes coming along nicely now!


moss stitch said...

Oh now you are talking!
I too LOVE buttons!
I often spend hours sifting through my tins/jars of buttons!
Wierdly theraputic don't you think!?

Melissa said...

Erm, I don't see a poster, has Blogger gone wrong?! But I love the button collection, especially the jar. I get through loads of the white or natural coloured ones too.

Mel xxx

bex said...

great buttons jo!! im soo excited about the coraline film! neil gaiman is one of my favorite authors, corline is one of his childrens books but its really dark in some places...its great!! ice collected all of the film posters from work!!!
your buttons are great!!!mine are 'sorted' into color to!! oh! i rang the grenchurch people and theres one in easter, they r going to send some more info out!!!

Pam said...

I feel that one of things that I pass on to everyone I come in contact with, is a love of buttons. Saturday sees me taking my son's girlfriend to the button shop. True bonding.

P x

bex said...

hi jo, me again, ive left you an award on my blog

jackie said...
This is a good site with links re making transfers. It is a hit and miss method. I print onto transparency and then smear on the gel medium. You can get more than one image. Also try with photocopies and mag. pictures.

Jackie said...

I love buttons too! I have just been given a large bag of buttons by a friend and it is just waiting to be sorted through - very exciting :O)

DeShawn Marie said...

Thanks so much for the compliment on my soap. I saw this button feature and had to follow. How can anyone not love BUTTONS!! :)

Marnie said...

oh - my favourite thing to do when i was small was "sort" my mom's buttons while she sewed. she still has that same button tin....

Gingerbread said...

Hi how are you? I have included you in a award I received the lemonade award, If you wanted to pop by. best wishes Julie.C

red2white said...

:D, I have my buttons in exactly same containers,
but maybe less amount.