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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Day 5 and 6

So I got this far and realised that I didn't like it at all. The leaves are all wrong and had the awful realisation that if I was going to be happy with it that I had to start again.
I have really appreciated everyones kind comments and that you have stuck with this as it isn't the most exciting of posts but I sort of feel I have to keep going now till its finished.

Anyway, I redrew the design on the silk, outlined the leaf and started again using a satin stitch on the leaf to make it look a lot more glossy. The leaf did look glossy but it was the wrong shape. Lily of the Valley have faintly stripey leaves which was the problem in the first piece. I got the leaves all wrong. I had an idea that I could use long thin sections of satin stitch to give the stripes. The first set of stripes is 2 strands of cotton in mid green . The second is one stand of mid and one strand of pale green. The 3rd set of stripes is 2 strands of pale green. This gives it shading. This photo is of the 2 leaves side by side to compare. Now I unpicked the first leaf and redid it in the striped satin stitch.

Then I added the stalks. I feel happier with it now. Happier with it than I did at this stage with the first one. I knew something was wrong with it but I couldn't put my finger on it. Hopefully I will get it right this time.


Lina said...

Your stitchery is very neat - I really like the look of this!

Sarah said...

That looks lovely and so neat. I too hate it when something doesn't go quite right and sometimes it is easier to start again!

bex said...

i was just saying something similar to arth...'why do i carry on with something if i am not happy with it...i only go back later and unpick it all anyway!!)
aslong as your happy with the second one thats all that matters

French Knots said...

Often starting again is the only solution, even if everyone likes it. Lovely embroidery!