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Thursday, 23 April 2009

A lovely little craft fair.

Bex is organising a craft fair in Cheltenham on Saturday afternoon. She is a lovely and very determined person and seems to have spent most of the last week surrounded by piles of stuffing and thread! She has started a business called Stuffed Nonsense which wonderfully describes what she makes.
I am going along to help out on the kids craft table and I have also decided to take along some of the things I have made. I found a lovely small display case, a bit like a printers tray, that I have been filling with little love tokens and treasure purses. I really enjoy making these at the moment and just keep wandering from idea to idea. I wanted to make it look like someones treasure collected and carefully kept. This piece isn't finished but its worked really well. I can't decide whether to frame it as a piece or to make it into a purse.


bex said...

wow jo!! thankyou!! i hope everything goes well on saturday, thankyou so much for helping!! it will be lovely to see you!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck this afternoon. I love your wonderful 'tokens' too, a real treasure chest.

vanessa said...

Gosh, this work is beautiful! I love the embroidery, and the idea behind them, just makes me think of a precious heirloom.
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

jamjar said...

Your little love tokens are simply gorgeous, they look wonderful all displayed in the tray, hope the craft fair went well for you.