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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Its just not working! no matter what I try, its just not working.
You know that feeling when you can see it in your head but just can't make it? I have it in bucket loads at the moment. So my 3 hours child free has passed and now all I have made is a mess!
Never mind... smile sweetly and try again.
This is the tool I used for the stars on the bag. Its called ShapeXpress. I have templates for leaves, stars and hearts in my kits so expect a lot of those in the next few moths. It cost me £10 and has been fun to use and is a lot quicker than cutting out by hand. It might be possible to use it on other templates but I haven't tried yet. Its a bit like using a Spirograph and you have to move your hand around the shape while pressing quite hard to cut the fabric.


bex said...

what were you trying to make?? i hope you get it right soon!! hmmm, going to keep my eyes open for one of those applique tools

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great shape maker, i am going to try and find them. As I can spend house cutting out various shapes for school. Do you think if I leave my quilt hexagon's out, Kirsty's elves will come and finish it for me?!

jamjar said...

Oh I know how frustrating that can be, when you have limited time and things just dont pull together as they should, but isn't it a great feeling when it does all come right. I am sure your'mess' will turn into something wonderful very soon.

fiona d said...

you were gaining skill and experience, not wasting time!! At least that's what I tell myself and it makes me feel better!