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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hang out the flags.

Last week I showed you The Hungry Caterpillar quilt and I thought I would show you the next quilt I am working on.
I wanted to make a quilt for my 9 year old which he could keep. He is at the stage in life where I very much suspect that in the next few year pirate ships and rockets won't seem quite so cool. My mum suggested flags. I made a very simple quilt with rectangles on it and now I am piecing together flags which I appliqueing onto it. Travel is another great passion of mine and each year for our holiday we try to stretch further afield. We go wherever a ferry will take us and apart from one flight to Portugal this means that A has been to 6 countries not including the UK. I plan to continue adding flags as he gets older. I think he has inherited the travel bug so it may keep me busy.

J and I were lucky to travel a lot before we had children. We still pine for long rail journeys and hauling all our belongings around with us. I really look forward to holidays and plan as often as possible to get away for a few days. Its not that I am escaping my life as its a very good one, if occasionally dull and repetitive but I love the challenge and stimulation of being somewhere new.

These are the easy flags that i have already done. The Portuguese and the Spanish flag both have crests on them which could take a while!


bex said...

wow! that looks fantastic! ive had a quilting itch for agggeeesss!! think im going to have to scratch it before too long. arth and i day dream of travelling to cuba for a month and making our way around it...hmmm one day!!

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea! My brother as a child loved to collect sew on badges. Eventually our mother sewed them all onto a blanket, I think he still has it too, full of memories!