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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A fish on a dish.

I went on a small local workshop on basket making at the weekend. It was run by this talented maker. It was a 3 hours course so just chance to make a small platter for bread or fruit. It was suing all locally grown willow with different colours. Basket making is one of those things that keeps calling me so it was nice to have the chance to go and make something locally which didn't involve complicated arrangements for the children. it started with a hoop, some sticks across and then woven over. I found the willow much easier to work with than I thought it would. I did some basket work ages at school in that time before the national curriculum when teachers did random things like basket work!We all finished a bit early as it wasn't a difficult project so then we had chance to make a fish to go on our dish. It just needs some batter on my platter!


bex said...

hehehe, that looks great! well done

AnnieB said...

can't believe you made that gorgeous platter "just like that" - it's fabulous - i love it

monica said...

i've always fancied trying basket weaving... that plate looks great.