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Thursday, 11 June 2009

A new species

Deep in the undergrowth ( in best breathy David Attenborough voice) lurks a newly discovered species. Its brightly colour plumage both amazes us and astounds us at the same time......ok..ok ...that's enough of that!
My youngest son is in reception class and its run by some lovely creative people. At Easter they set up an egg hunt following the brightly coloured feathers of the mythical colly hocky bird. The teacher told me that it comes from a welsh mythical bird that had the most amazing plumage. I can't find any reference to it as I am probably spelling it all wrong. This egg hunt has had a big effect on him and whenever we are out walking and find a feather he is sure it is from the colly hocky bird. He has a birthday coming up and when I asked him what would he like me to make him he asked for a colly hocky bird. Now not one to be daunted by the fact that this is a mythical bird with amazing plumage I set down to make one. Now my colly hocky bird is a cross between Elmer and a chickummyjig with a ribbon tail. I am very pleased with it although her legs are not quite right hence the picture how her propped up but I always thing bandy legs add to the charm of homemade cuddly toys!
Right now that I have achieved that impossible task I will move onto the next..... get to the bottom of the washing.... no I give up on that.
The pictures are of the same bird, its blue on one side and red on the other


bex said...

i want a holly hocky bird!!!!!sorry about the delay on the trip does thursday sounds??we may be signing the new contract on our new house (thats right...a HOUSE!) but its not confirmed yet, and should only be in the morning

Anonymous said...

What a fab little bird, had no idea the welsh had any mithical birds - thought it was just dragons!

Catherine said...

Ooh I like it - I'll have to ask my father-in-law what one of those is - maybe he kept one as a pet in his north Welsh village, along with Dai dragon. I like the legs - he looks a bit bonkers, sure, and that's how things are best...! And thanks for your lovely comments on me blog x x x x

Helen said...

How sweet that your son asked for a bird, and that you went ahead and made it! Perfect birthday gift - it's lovely when something captures their imagination like that.