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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A bit of a moan.....

2 posts in 2 days but I warn you that this one is a bit of a moan and me feeling very sorry for myself. I fully appreciate that if this is all that's wrong in my life that I am very lucky but I just need to get this moan out in the open. So be warned if you decide to read on!!

The picture above is of the scarf that I entered for the Hand and Lock prize for embroidery. I will find the proper photos to show you sometime.

I took some of the words from the poem Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou and embroidered them by hand along a scarf with other shapes and patterns. The brief gave several colour themes and I chose the neutral colour scheme. It asked you to think about a modern goddess who had confidence to just be rather than try to be. Theres more on the site if that doesn't make sense.

Anyway I thought this poem summed it up perfectly so I got permission from the author to use it on the scarf. I had to send off 5 photos to be judged and then they would choose to who was in the second stage which was to be judged on the real piece rather than a photo. Now I didn't ever expect to win it but being honest I was hopeful that it might get through the first round. This year is the first year it has been an open competition and looking at the previous years student entry it can be hard at times to see where the hand embroidery is on the piece! I covered mine in hand embroidery so it was quite a big disappointment to day to get this

Dear Joanna ,
Thank you for taking the time to enter The Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery 2009. Unfortunately your work has not been selected for the second stage this year but we wish you success in next years entry.
Best Wishes from the Hand & Lock Team

oh well pride comes before a fall and all that.

"Onward and upward" as my old school motto used to be!

This is something I will have to address in my life. I do not need a flash car, I do not need a big telly or the latest fashions but I do feel very strongly that I want my creative work to be valued. It has helped having a blog as you are all so supportive but I am always pushing myself to want to find someone who applaud my creativity. This is not good and I should take advice from the poem and the brief and learn to just accept what I have.