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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I opened my eyes.

I had one of those moments today, you know the one when you see something and suddenly a whole host of thoughts and ideas tumble through your head.

Its the school holidays here and its raining so we trooped off here for a children's drop in activity making medals. It was rather busy so we followed the children's trails which my kids love. It doesn't matter what they are looking for as long as they have a clipboard and a pencil! As we wandered through the galleries we enjoyed ticking and talking. We have been to this museum lots of times as it is one of my favourite with a lovely gallery on the Arts and Crafts movement so its was a matter of scanning exhibits to spot things and wander along discussing things without me worrying that I was missing something. It was then that I saw this lithograph.

Its by William Scott. Its called Frying pan, bowl and eggs. I am sure I have walked passed this picture many times before but suddenly I saw this still life and had to record it. The way it simplifies the scene is fantastic. I have never had much interest in still life before but suddenly I can see them everywhere. So now I am off to draw, cut out pieces of paper and make simplified still lifes. ( lifes? lives? not sure.)

I just need to keep the kids occupied while I do it. I know that I should let them join it but to be honest I am just going to reach for the remote!

Thanks for the comments on the machine stitched pictures. I am thinking this is where the still life may lead to. It was nice that you told me which ones you liked but funny that the ones someone bought was the pirate ship which no one here suggested that they liked. (They other 2 are still available at £10 each.)

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Anonymous said...

Sounded like a great trip out, I love collage - takes me back to art school days! Have fun with it and look forward to seeing your pictures too.