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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Frying pan and eggs.

I have been working on the picture I showed you last time. I managed to find some time without resorting to locking the kids in the under stairs cupboard!
First I played around with paper.

I tried not to look at the original picture too much so that it came from memory and not get too hung up on colour etc.

Today I had a go in fabric.

I used hessian for the background so had to use some layers of interfacing to not let the texture come through the bowls. I used quite a satiny fabric for the bowl and cup and a taffeta for the eggs. It has gold shot through it which adds interest to the eggs. I really enjoyed doing it. I will have another go at this at some point I am pleased with this result but it does not feel finished.

I have never had much interest in still lifes before but I am now seeing compositions all over the place. I like seeing them in just how the table is laid or the angle at which you see a bowl. I was even sketching a bowl of soup and childs beaker yesterday as I like the way they sat together. It was the apple juice carton and cups this morning.

You have been warned... there will be more of this!

On a completely different note.. does anyone have a good recipe for the icing/frosting that goes on the top of carrot cake? whenever I make mine it is very runny and slides off the cake onto the plate!


bex said...

hey jo, the pictures look great....hmm icing for carrot cakes, ive tried and few and ive always had the best results when i use philladelphia soft cheese...not tescos own version...but even then it was touch and go. eeeekkkkk, the shop opens tomorrow!!

Anne C said...

I can recommend this recipe for icing I use it on my pumpkin cake

3oz cream cheese
1/2 cup butter
cream the above
add 2-3 cups icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla
milk for consistency (if required) hope you enjoy it