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Saturday, 22 August 2009

The winter project

I know, I know, here I am choosing a winter project and its still summer but when the mood grabs, you have to go with it.
I have admired Kantha quilting for a while and have wanted to do something with the idea. They are hand sewn whole cloth quilts using recycled fabric. This speaks to me on lots of levels.

Last week i was in Habitat, having a five minute flick through for colours/ideas etc while J kept the kids outside when I spotted a bed cover. I didn't get a photo but I think it was called Clown. I can't find any reference to it. It was very simple with white on one side, grey on the other and rows of hand quilted lines in a set of rainbow colours. It also had sort of bobble around the outside. It was lovely but playful and fun. this idea wandered around my head for a while and came out as a small quilt of rainbows.

I searched that fabric for a big enough piece of cloth as I had self imposed that it should not be a bough piece of cloth. I chose an old piece of duvet cover for the back which is all small blue flowers. For the white side I cleaned put the airing cupboard to find and old sheet! ( I wouldn't normally dream of going near the airing cupboards but if it finds the fabric I want then its worth it!). I sandwiched an old piece of blanket and now its my winter project. I am using rainbow colours to cover it in rainbows. Its going to take while but I will keep you updated!

Off to make some very hungry caterpillars now for a 3 year olds birthday party.


bex said...

looks and sounds good!

jackie said...

Sounds like an absorbing project, but talk of winter makes me feel cold.

French Knots said...

Sounds like a snuggly project as the nights get colder, the quilt will keep you warm as you embroider the rainbows.

angharad handmade said...

That looks like the perfect Winter stitching project, and a thrifty one too! Congratulations on your work being selected for teh festival. x

bellsjo said...

Love the rainbows! My thoughts are also turning to winter - I feel the need to start a suggly quilt as well!