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Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Very Hungry Caterpillar again

Followers to this blog may detect a couple of themes running through this blog. One of them is The Very Hungry caterpillar. I love sharing this book with my children and the sight of chubby little fingers in the holes in the page make me glow. I have read the book, made the quilt and so the final thing was to do the party!
Enter child number 3 and her 3rd birthday party. we made butterfly wings, played, caterpillar/butterfly/egg, did a treasure hunt and then settled down to one piece of chocolate cake, one slice of swiss cheese...... well almost.
Anyway in a desperate attempt to catch this blog up on the last 3 weeks I have shown you the photos of some cuddly caterpillars and the cake. i am not a great baker and if Rachel lived round the corner I would ask her, but I can just about do cupcakes and cover them with icing and the joy of this cake is that you just hand out the cakes, no cutting or wrestling the sharp knife form a 3 year old just hading them out. It even solved the issue over a child with dairy allergy... the last bit of the tail was dairy free cupcakes!


Anonymous said...

I love the cake and dairy free must have been a challenge. One cute caterpillar too!

bex said...

hi jo!! the link attatchment didn't un-attach on your email! so i dont know when your show is!!the caterpillars look great!