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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

and another thing.....

Ha ha at last found an edit tool that means you wont have to keep seeing glimpses of what ever else is around when I take a photo.. I am quite useless on the computer, its only taken 2 years of blogging to discover it!
The exhibition is at the local library. The stitching of the words is partly stem stitch and partly couched depending on the letter. This is not just random information, somebody asked me!


Catherine said...

What lovely stitching. I'm amazed by embroidery, it just makes me go phhphphhphhhhhhhhh. (That's a kind of amazed blowing out sort of noise, in case it wasn't clear!)
I'm so impatient with hand-stitching, so I'm always mighty impressed by anyone who can do that sort of thing!
x x x

Lina said...

Wow, your stitching is so perfect! Congrats on working out how to edit too but I think you should do more close ups to do your work justice!!!

jackie said...

Thanks for the thoughtful collection of papers. Yours are ready but not posted due to the strike. I think Tracey Franklin's way of making bullion knots is excellent - I copied that part from the library book.