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Monday, 26 October 2009

A stitchers legacy

I live in a little market town that has a beautiful abbey. I love to visit it and it has such a sense of tranquility about it. It also has some amazing textile pieces. I had another chance to see these at the weekend which is always a treat.I warn you that the photos are not good, light levels etc but they give you some idea . There is some beautiful work and I find it inspiring to see the work of people whose name has been lost and never recorded and here we see them living on in the things they created. Many people leave history unrecorded and did they ever consider that 300-500 years later their work would be treasured and admired. To look at a piece and see each tiny french knot of couched piece of gold and wonder who made it....I am, as ever, in awe of peoples abilities and the artfulness with simple things. The urge to create is so strong and it comes through all lives either through making something or appreciating it. I could warble on for a very long time about it all. How important it is that there is beauty in life.. that people have time to express what they see as important... and that others consider it...

........and my legacy ....... stitching the schools cross country t'shirts!Don't you love it when your creative ability is appreciated? Christmas play costumes next...

1 comment:

spicyapplepie said...

Oh the embroidery is simply wonderful!

I expect your cross country tee shirts will be admired by many students!