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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Mandy Pattullo

On the Julie Arkell workshop were some really interesting people. You never quite know who is going to turn up on these things but as we were sitting stitching there was plenty of opportunity to sit and chat. One of the artists there was Mandy Pattullo. She is based in Newcastle. She had come a very long way for the workshop!
She explained that she generally works in series so has an idea and will work through it in a variety of ways including stitch, artists book, photography and site specific work.
She is currently using old quilts to make artefact's but she has been documenting the fabrics used to make these quilts.
The pictures are of pieces of quilts that she uses in her work. they are old and slowly disintegrating and I know for many people the idea of taking apart an old quilt would horrify them but these quilts are really on the verge of falling apart.
They have such a sense of lost life to them.
I thought they were beautiful in themselves, just as scraps.
They represent something but I find it hard to say what it is.
It will come to me one day.


Monica said...

that must have been such an amazing workshop... I love Julie's work.

And Mandy's seems to be interesting too!

J (uk) said...

Those quilts are beautiful, they have a story to tell don't they? I'd be interested to see what becomes of them... will have to visit Mandy's site... though I really should be getting on with some work... Tsk tsk where's my self-discipline gone?:)