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Friday, 20 November 2009

Well done Chrissie, she guessed it right.
I didn't really mean to hold you all in suspense but the week has seen many a little flopsie poorly bunny sitting on the sofa here. I have a hot water bottle with a duck cover on and it has been well used this week!
( I know... a duck hot water cover but its one of those things I have had a very long time and I am sure I don't need to say anymore about that!)

The workshop was with Julie Arkell. More of her work here.
It was a 2 day workshop but as the nature of the work is all hand sewn it took a long time!
I really enjoyed it and appreciated her thoughts on my own work. I also met another very interesting artist there and I will blog about her another day.
I am just listening to the news on the radio about the floods and my heart goes out to all dealing with it.
I live in a town that is affected every year by seasonal flooding and mostly its just a matter of avoiding certain roads and paths but a couple of years ago we hit the headlines with major floods and loss of life and so to hear of it elsewhere brings it all back.
My thoughts are with them.


J (uk) said...

Yay Chrissie, well done! I'd have loved to do a workshop with Julie Arkell... do you remember when she was making paper mache jewellery? She's a national treasure!
And yes, we're at the mercy of the rains again, husband had problems getting back from Scotland yesterday... but thankfully we've been very fortunate so far... just flooded roads.

Anonymous said...

Oh you must have had a ball, her dolls are just amazing.

ginny said...

hi ...
glad to see you are having fun creating and developing your own work further... i would love to take a few inspiring workshops next year to help develop new skills.
i agree about the floods as we were flooded 2 years ago as was our entire street .. it really was very tough, depressing and very stressful... my heart goes out to everyone affected.

warm wishes to you
ginny x

Amanda said...

Hi Joanna. Thankyou so much for popping over to Amanda makes. It was great to find actual, real, live comments on there.I love your blog and will be a regular visitor from now on. Nice to meet you!
Love, Amanda x