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Friday, 8 January 2010


well back to it then.... slightly extended Christmas holiday....

Christmas was good, relaxing and full of memories. The children didn't get up till 6:45am. I was very impressed as my friends was up at 1am ( he did go back to sleep!)

I am a glass half full kind of girl and mostly when it wasn't half full it was being re-filled! Lots of highlights but mostly based around the kids. Big highlight for me was receiving an Anita Klien print of an Angel. I will do a picture at some point

New year was good spent with friends but we don't stay up till midnight! I know, such killjoy

Children back to school for a day and half and then all this!

..and now I am back off out into it as I have to pick up from nursery as they are doing shorter hours and I have a mile walk to pick her up. Then back for the boys later!

Its a good job I like walking and the sun is out!

..and it will mean I burn off more calories and can have that glass generously filled later.


Catherine said...

My littlest's preschool has valiantly opened today - hoorah! Still got the big one off - but she's happy dancing to Kids in America (what the...?!?) so I'm at least getting some respite. No sewing though, darn it.
x x x
(Sorry you couldn't find my email, I've been changing some settings lately, that's why! If you get stuck again, there's an email me bit on my blog) x x x

Andrea said...

Great Pics! Happy New Year to you! Andrea x

Ticking stripes said...

Hi, I just picked up your comment that I had won your giveaway! How exciting! Its great to find another illustrators fan...

French Knots said...

With the schools shut it seems as if the Christmas holidays have gone on for ages!
happy 2010!

Anonymous said...

The photos look so lovely, here in London its ice in local street with just the larger road being gritted but not lots of snow. Your Children must have been delighted to have a few extra days holiday too!