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Monday, 11 January 2010

Making things.

We had been sledging.
We had played on the Wii.
We had played battleships.
We had done some quality family time.
I thought the kids would leave me to get on with the nice little job of making up some corsages. One of those lovely little jobs choosing wool, picking buttons. A nice little productive job with just enough repetition to mean it can be done with a glass of mulled wine...
I did say we had been sledging!Anyway I was just settling into it when the 5 year old appears and tell me
" they are nice"
"Yep" I reply,
" I like those"
"yep, so do I" I reply
and then in a move that he knows will have me eating out of his hand he asks if he can make one.
..and before we know it I am lying on the floor helping him.
I love making things but I love showing them how to make things even more. I love the interest that they take in my things and I love that they have the big urge that makes them just want to make!
Talking of the Wii, I have been dragged into this kicking and screaming. They had one for Christmas but I insisted it be given on boxing day as I did not want my lovely relaxing family Christmas dominated by computer games. I know, I am such a killjoy!
However nobody told me that it had the BBC I Player as part of the package, now I love it. I listen to a lot of radio but often interrupted by a child or just having to miss that last part of something as I dash out to school/nursery. I can settle down and listen to all the things I missed. Its fab. I switch it on and usually a child appears as they have hyper sensitive ears to the little binkly bonk noise it makes and then they spring into the room hoping to play on it and I am listening to the radio!


Amanda said...

Hello! I love those corsages. Where do you get the little gizmo thingys from? Looks like a fun thing to do with Little J. I'm happy to hear you're surviving the snow. Enjoy work tomorrow! Love, Amanda xxx

stuffednonsense said...

i think i know what you mean about teaching people how to make things, i really enjoyed teaching people to make monsters at bristols biggest indoor picnic...but six hours of it was quite hard! i had a go on one of those flower loom thingyies to!!

spicyapplepie said...

Oh these are lovely! It is so great to pass on skills to our children knowing that they will be bitten by the crafting bug!

Sal said...

I do wish my children were little again..I miss doing those fun things..sledging is not as much fun on one's own!! ;-)
Love the corsages!!

Catherine said...

We discovered the Wii at Christmas too - have you had a go at Just Dance?! We were all addicted, including Grandma, Grandpa, and dads. I will never, ever forget the sight of 4 grown men and their bellies prancing around competitively mouthing the words I really really really wanna zig-a-zig ahhhh....!!!
How nice, your little 5 year old making one. Bet YOU didn't get many made though did you?!

Ali said...

You made me laugh - mine are just the same with the relatively recent Wii. I can hear them - Mummy's playing on the Wii, and in they come, stampeding for their turn. Just when I thought it was safe to catch up with something on the i-player.